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Personal Injury Organic Search Marketing

Organic search is the most responsive segment of search engine usage. Instead of using a phone book, potential clients are using search engines to find local personal injury attorneys. By using local organic techniques, The Injury Attorney Line proprietary suite of advertising products are able to attract internet searchers at the moment they are ready to retain counsel.

Over 60% of internet users perform local searches by simply adding a geo-modifier (i.e. "Georgia" or "New York",) to a search. "Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Aventura," entered into a search engine is considered to be a local search. By adding geo-modifying factors to internet advertising campaigns, we are able to turn local browsers into new personal injury clients. 82% of these local internet browsers follow up offline via an in-office visit or phone call; and of those 82% high-intent' clients, 61% will make retention decisions




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