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Personal Injury Urban Marketing

Urban marketing has become of major interest to personal injury attorneys seeking to reach the valuable yet difficult to grasp urban and pop culture communities. The urban market plays a significant role in our constantly developing modern culture, which intertwines heavily with social media.  

Members of this market are constantly fed information through a large variety of mediums, and only those who understand what makes a member of this community tick are successful in converting them into new clients. Legal Mindset Media has actual content and media creators that are engulfed in this community, and have spent years to develop and offer the following urban marketing services:

  • Concerts
  • Clubs
  • Bus Parties
  • Localized Urban Logistics
  • Street Team Management
  • Artist Project Co-Branding
  • Endorsement Bookings
  • Brand Placement
  • Urban Radio, Television, Print and Social Advertising



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