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Brand Building



What is a brand?


Branding is the most essential element of your entire marketing campaign. Contrary to what many people believe, a brand is not just a logo or design; instead a brand is a culmination of the entire experience clients will receive.  A brand is your practice’s value proposition, and should clearly define the benefits that your practice has to offer. By supplying a consistent level of service that your clients can depend on, you create trust, recognition, and loyalty.

An effective brand can result in clients having a strong bond with your company through thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations. Satisfied clients are likely to give your practice positive word referrals.


What are the elements of a brand?

  • Associations –Do people have any preconceived ideas about what your practice represents?
  • Quality – Do you stand behind your services? How does it compare with the competition?
  • Location – Is your practice visible for those who are looking to find it?
  • Recognition – Do potential clients know about your practice? Is your media or web presence strong enough?
  • Consistency – Can your clients depend on the same level of service from you each time?
  • Market niche – What makes you unique from your competitors?
  • Reputation – Do people currently have a positive or negative perception of your practice?


What is having a brand important?


When faced with the choice between a well-known practice and an unknown one, most people go with what they know. Branding creates an incentive for clients to choose you over your competitors. The benefits you define can help to steer the right type of clients your way, as well as carving out a niche that makes your practice unique.  

Well marketed brands can increase familiarity and lend credibility to the legal services you provide, as well as ensure your practice is the first thing that pops into people’s heads when searching for relevant services. Branding influences perceptions, giving you the power to determine the level of success you achieve.


How do we build your brand?

Discussing your goals and expectations is the first step. We then carefully develop an advertising strategy that translates the values of your practice into a fully developed brand. We use various forms of media to increase familiarity and trust, as well as implementing internet marketing to increase online presence. Once a campaign is in place, we will monitor your brand to make sure it is properly maintained.  We are aware of the fact that brands evolve, and we are keeping a close eye on expansion and growth opportunities as they become apparent.

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