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Reputation Monitoring


Today's society is more connected than ever before. The internet is an extremely valuable tool for potential clients looking to compare legal services. Most people will perform internet searches to hear other clients opinions and past experiences before they pick an attorney.  If the information they find is less than favorable, it can cause irreparable harm to your reputation and success. It only takes one anonymous comment to tarnish all the hard work and time spent promoting your brand, and the negative information will not go away on its own.  Legal Mindset Media's  solution to this problem is reputation management.

Reputation management involves monitoring damaging brand or personal information and addressing it. Negative material can come from various sources, such as message board discussions, blog postings, social media services, or business rating sites. Removing this information from search engines is essential to running an effective SEO campaign. First and foremost, our goal is to attempt to remove or address negative information whenever possible. Next, we use various techniques to replace harmful information with positive information. Ensuring that potential clients get an excellent first impression when they search for keywords relevant to your practice. Once your online reputation has been cleaned up, we monitor your brand to ensure that the search engines return only positive things about your brand.

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