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Online DUI Claim Lead Generation

Drunk driving defense is a specialty practice area of criminal defense, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise in technical areas like breathalyzer equipment, as well as strong litigating skills to defend your client in court.

Consistently finding new DUI clients at a low unit cost can be challenging. DUI leads have greater value than many other criminal practice areas, due to a greater number of those arrested are middle class, and are financially able to afford quality legal representation.

Legal Mindset Media offers an exclusive opportunity for one DUI attorney in each area. A market area can be a state, or counties within the state. So when your firm acquires a territory from Legal Mindset Media, it is on an exclusive basis and unavailable to your competitors for as long as you use our proprietary platform.

How Will Potential Online Clients Find Your DUI Practice?

With Legal Mindset Media’s mass web exposure platform, local DUI clients will find your law firm for hundreds of geo-targeted and relevant DUI search terms on the major search engines. Highly targeted DUI web sites dominate local market areas and generate new potential client leads.

The Legal Mindset Media team creates and implements online marketing strategies for DUI practices that increases their new client acquisition and revenues. The company leadership operate several digital marketing companies spanning across multiple competitive industries, and apply this knowledge to the legal field. Legal Mindset Media’s proven mass online exposure platform combines the power of compelling design, content and geo-targeted search engine visibility to directly target local clients who want to retain DUI representation now. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you build and improve your DUI practice.


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