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Mass Torts

Law firms acting as advocates for the rights of victims injured due to pharmaceutical product liability, harness Legal Mindset Media’s cutting edge digital advertising and marketing technology as part of their new client acquisition process, enabling more victims injured by bad drugs or defective medical devices to connect with their Mass Tort legal representation services.

Legal Mindset Media helps our clients develop, implement, refine and replicate winning Mass Tort digital advertising and marketing strategies.

Law firms practicing in the Mass Tort space know that they need every advantage they can get in the competition for new clients. Legal Mindset Media’s proprietary mass tort marketing software and digital expertise, is quickly becoming a valuable tool of top law firms nationally.

It is important that Mass Tort law firms strategically think about investing resources in any new Mass Tort campaign. Each new Mass Tort case that arises creates what is essentially a niche-industry for legal services. The niche Industries have a limited life span and move through predictable phases.

Risks and Rewards of The Mass Tort Case Acquisition Cycle

Running a profitable mass tort marketing and advertising campaign is contingent on how quickly and efficiently law firms can reach injured victims needing legal help. Law firms that understand the mass tort advertising cycle can take advantage of the investment opportunities and returns offered by each cyclical stage, while maintaining an acceptable risk level.

Firms with a long-term vision and who are willing to enter the cycle early, expose themselves to some risk but also position themselves to realize big gains. But significant rewards can also come to those who make their move late in the cycle, when risk and reward are low. It’s all about balance.

There are three stages to the mass tort advertising cycle, and here’s how they play out:

  • Phase 1: A firm enters this early stage by Identifying a promising new dangerous drug or defective device and enterers the market prior to the drug or device having proven links to serious injuries and side effects, and has had initial testing to determine if is covered by a preemption ruling.

    Entry at this early phase yields a high volume of leads and the highest number of high-value cases, but presents the risk that litigation will not be established, and the acquired cases are not guaranteed. Additionally a firm risks tying up capital for several years before cases are resolved.

  • Phase 2: Once a potential mass tort has proven itself to have substance, a lower risk high reward entry point emerges

    Entry at this middle phase still yields high value cases and a high volume of leads. However firms entering at the middle stage risk heightened public awareness and increased competition for cases, resulting in an increased cost-per-lead.

    Additionally the statute of limitations may become an issue, so locating and acquiring cases quickly becomes an important variable.

  • Phase 3: At this stage, there has been settlements and verdicts.

    Entry at this late phase yields quick lead and case value evaluations. Additionally cases are likely to be settled quickly, resulting in lower litigation costs and capital being tied up for a shorter time frame. However case acquisition comes at a premium price, and high value cases are largely gone. Medical documentation is harder to retrieve, and the statute of limitations is an increased concern.

Legal Mindset Media provides mass tort case acquisition services to law firms across the U.S. We utilize proprietary cutting edge technology to locate and connect with prospective mass tort clients. Call now to speak with a mass tort marketing consultant to learn more about our mass tort case acquisition services.

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