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Xarelto Lead Generation

xarelto.pngXarelto Has Become a Blockbuster Drug

As a result of manufacturers’ aggressive marketing and promotion efforts, Xarelto raked in approximately $582 million in global sales in its first year on the market. In 2012 fiscal year, worldwide sales of Xarelto steadily increased to approximately $658 million.

Xarelto Lawsuits Are Expected to Follow The Litigation and Settlement Trend Set by Pradaxa

Xarelto and Pradaxa are part of a new class of anticoagulants that compete with warfarin. More than 2,400 Pradaxa lawsuits were consolidated into Multi-District Litigation 2385 in the federal court of Illinois. Boehringer Ingelheim announced in May 2014 that they are setting aside at least $650 million to settle 4,000 or more state and federal lawsuits against them.

Analysts predict that there are likely to be many more Xarelto lawsuits surfacing, given the 240 percent increase in Xarelto prescriptions over the last year. If the case for negligence turns out to be substantial and other large pharmaceutical companies opt to settle rather than engage in a long, costly series of trials, then expect to see Xarelto lawsuits pick up momentum in the coming year.

Xarelto suits are currently in the early stages of litigation, and are heading to MDL consolidation. Xarelto litigation is just now gearing up, analysts predict that top law firms will significantly increase their advertising to acquire clients who have suffered internal bleeding after being treated with Xarelto.

The Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line utilizes proprietary mass tort legal marketing software which empowers law firms to build their Xarelto mass tort practices in the direction they wish to grow at a sustainable and low unit cost.

New Xarelto injury clients are searching for law firms online in their local marketplace every day. The Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line is there to meet, greet and direct them to local Xarelto mass tort law firms.


The Xarelto Attorney Lawsuit Line website is designed to:

  • Create a smooth transition from the searched keywords and paid advertisement
  • Displays relevant information in a simple and easy to understand format
  • Compels potential Xarelto clients to action

Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line websites are custom designed with:

Engaging Xarelto Graphics - People searching for a Xarelto lawyer want to know that the attorney can help them solve a legal problem – and that starts with an aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand website layout and design. The Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line website design creates a positive user experience by creating a visually appealing site with eye catching graphics that will differentiate it from competitors sites.

Relevant Xarelto Lawsuit Copy – Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line websites are designed to be an extension of a potential clients search queary. Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line’s website content is designed to be a combination of informative and call to action text. The objective is to gain a potential Xarelto clients trust, as well as having them contact your firm.

Effective Xarelto Lawsuit Calls to Action - A call to action is designed to prompt a potential Xarelto client to click it and continue on the conversion path.  At Legal Mindset Media our graphic designers create engaging call to action button and banners on our law firm websites, which increase conversions and new Xarelto client acquisitions. The Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line websites include the following conversion features :

  • Live Chat
  • Free Consultation form
  • Video
  • Click To Talk
  • Call to Action Buttons (CTA’s) 

 Fully Optimized For Xarelto Law Suit Search Terms - Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line websites are professionally optimized to prominently display organically on Google, Yahoo and Bing for hundreds of relevant Xarelto lawsuit search terms
Reduced PPC Costs- Xarelto Lawsuit Attorney Line websites are designed to rate high quality scores with the top search engins Google,Yahoo and Bing, significantly reducing Xarelto PPC campaign costs

Offered Exclusivily To:
  1. One law firm one law firm per state .
  2. All generated Xarelto calls, chats and forms go direct to an exclusive law firm
  3. A sustainable and cost effective organic digital Xarelto lead generation system ( Displaying 150 Geo targeted  Xarelto lead generating websites throughout a protected state territory, for a low monthly fee.)
  4. A month to month agreement ( no long term contractual commitment)

Legal Mindset Media provides Xarelto mass tort case acquisition services to law firms across the U.S. We utilize proprietary cutting edge technology to locate and connect with prospective Xarelto mass tort clients. Call now to speak with a Xarelto mass tort marketing consultant to learn more about our Xarelto mass tort case acquisition services.

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