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SSDI Lead Generation FAQ


How large is the market for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims?

Nationwide, there is an enormous untapped pool of potential SSDI clients desperately in need of sound representational services. In addition to more than two million new applicants a year, there are literally hundreds of thousands of previously denied applicants seeking appeals. Taken together, these statistics present a potentially inexhaustible supply of new SSDI clients for SSDI claim representation. Additionally the US population has a large aging demographic that is driving this market.

Is there sustainable growth potential?

Along with the aging US population, there is a growing public awareness of the Disability Program, a steadily expanding market is being generated that ensures the future of Disability Advocates for this and multiple generations.

Is it competitive?

2014 has shown an increasing number of attorney and non-attorney disability advocates offering claim processing services. If your firm is to compete successfully, you will need the cutting edge digital SSDI marketing system offered by Legal Mindset Media. Our proprietary SSDI platform is the only digital platform that can provide your firm with a scalable long-term and proven solutions for the current SSDI marketing challenges!

How can Legal Mindset Media help my practice to generate leads?

Online SSDI market domination is always the # 1 goal of Legal Mindset Media’s efforts. Instead of the traditional SSDI single website approach, Legal Mindset Media develops and indexes geo targeted SSDI websites to display for specific key word phrases. Having multiple low cost SSDI micro sites casts a wider visible network across the search result pages. Multiple SSDI micro sites increases a law firms positions across the search engines for an extremely large set of keyword phrases and a cost effective market area dominating internet strategy for our SSDI law firm clients.

No matter what size market you’re in, our proven marketing system can propel your SSDI practice beyond the status quo. Reaching prospective clients through mass online interactions is a methodology that most law firms have not yet employed. With the right approach, it is possible to initiate and build relationships though mass web and mobile communications. These interactions can take place at multiple levels and digital platforms, and through geo targeted internet searches that exclusively position your law firm to be the recognized SSDI expert in your online market areas. 

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